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A backyard breeder is someone with one or more of the following qualities:

  • ignorance
  • greed

Yes, that’s right. BYBers are ignorant and/or greedy. And by all counts, I would probably be considered by most reputable breeders to be ignorant AND greedy. Only ignorant people breed their dogs without showing them in AKC conformation rings. Only ignorant people fail to spend thousands of dollars on a plethora of health testing of their breeding stock. Only ignorant people breed their dogs for reasons other than the “betterment of the breed.” And only greedy people sell their puppies to try and make a dollar. It is wrong to sell puppies in order to pay your electric bill.

If you have ever bred your family pet because you love your pet so much that you want one of his or her progeny, you are ignorant. You are, in effect, killing a dog in the shelter. I killed six this summer. Six unwanted dogs languishing in an animal shelter died this summer because I brought six puppies into the world.

It works that way with kids too, you know. There are all sorts of unwanted children languishing in the foster care system, and since I brought two children in the world, that means two children in foster care will remain victims to the system and will likely become unproductive, and maybe even criminal, members of society. Of course, no one really thinks like that when it comes to having kids. One’s own biological child does not replace someone else’s offspring. Parents are ultimately responsible for their offspring, and when they prove irresponsible, family and society have to step in and take over the care of the children.

And when a dog owner is no longer responsible for his dog, other people must step in to deal with the animal rather than let it roam the streets because civilized societies don’t like packs of dogs roaming their streets.

But let’s say someone adopts an abandoned child and agrees to take full responsibility for the child, and then that new parent drops the ball and fails to do what he said he would do. Are we now supposed to get angry at the biological mother and father for having brought the child into the world in the first place? Should we advocate the sterilization of humans who would likely make bad parents and produce crappy members of society? Should we advocate the abortion of potential crappy members of society? Or should we hold accountable the person who said he would be responsible and yet broke his word?

“But you can’t compare humans to dogs!” you might argue.

But why not? We have completely humanized our dogs. We take out pet health insurance for our dogs. We pay for accupuncture to relieve their arthritis pain. We dress them up for Halloween and buy them Christmas presents. We leave them an inheritance in our wills. We make excuses when they bite the neighbor’s kid in the face. We spend exhorbitant amounts of money on special diets, medications, surgical procedures, behavioral therapy, doggy daycares, grooming parlors, and even cemetery plots. Let’s be honest here–other than the fact that so many of us forcibly remove the working reproductive parts of our otherwise healthy pets at a very young age, we do treat our dogs like children.

But I digress from the original point of this post–“What’s a Backyard Breeder?”  Prepare yourself, we BYBs are scary folks…

  • “They are the single greatest cause of the pet overpopulation crisis in this country.” ~ Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society
  • “These are the people that are just breeding for the heck of it.” ~ Low Wider Kennels
  • They are “unscrupulous breeders” who “choose profit over animal welfare” and “reduce homes available for animals from reputable establishments, shelters and rescue groups”. ~ PAWS
  • They are the reason “Americans will kill upwards of 8 million healthy adoptable pets this year!” They are “not responsible pet guardians!” ~ Randy N. Warner, 21st Century Cares
  • Beware the breeders who do not belong to any dog organizations or do not compete with their dogs! ~ Linda Hazen Lewin
  • “BYBs produce dogs simply to make money, contributing to the animal overpopulation problem.” ~ Four Paws, Orlando

(If you have any more good quotes, please leave them in the comment section. This list will be updated regularly.)