From the archives of my grandfather:

Earl Wilson and Robert David, brothers. “At 724 North Range Line in Joplin (now part of a Baptist parking lot).” Circa 1935.

Earl Wilson:

This was our first dog, “La.” We raised him from a puppy, which did away with my phobia about dogs. Some kind soul had lent us a cow so we could care for it and thus avoid the ruinous prices for milk (9 cents for a quart delivered) and butter (10 cents a pound, I think).

La was later hit by a car but survived. For a year or two afterwards, he was terrified by cars, but eventually perished from trying to sleep on the road in front of our house on a hot summer’s night. (There must be an important lesson for us here somewhere.)

Apparently La the Border Collie was not as bright as should be expected from his breed. When I was a child my mother had a tiny Yorkshire Terrier named Poochie that enjoyed sleeping on the warm asphalt road in front of the house. One day an elderly driver mistakenly took her to be a paper bag and that was the end of Poochie.