Lady was a German Shepherd Dog.

This one was so bad that her owners had to give her a sedative before her veterinary visits. And they didn’t care.

I had to toss the owners a muzzle as they waited in the parking lot so they could muzzle her before she entered the clinic. And her owners didn’t care.

She particularly hated me. If I even looked at her, she barked viciously and lunged. Once restrained for veterinary care, she’d growl and foam at the mouth and thrash about. And her owners didn’t care.

She had a history of aggression and biting.

And her owners didn’t care.

Well, one day they brought the old bitch to be euthanized for health-related reasons. And I certainly did care. I volunteered to assist the veterinarian. How could I not?

There was a sense of satisfaction in knowing that this nasty animal could no longer terrorize any other living creature.